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Our tailored erectile function treatment goes beyond addressing the physical challenges – we focus on revitalizing your self-assurance and revitalizing your most intimate relationships. Discover a personalized path to renewed virility and emotional connection.

Take the first step towards a more satisfying future today.

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Upward Regenerative Medicine - Improved Health and Enhanced Intimacy Wellness


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Chase Miller

“I felt devastated and like I’d failed. Finding a solution to my ED brought back the intimacy - and then some!”

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Robert H.

“Finding a solution that allowed me to be independent and spontaneous was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

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Lawrence Estevez

“Treatment made me feel proud. I wish I’d done it sooner instead of battling feelings of isolation for so long.”


YES! We typically schedule Emsella M/T/W and Softwave with Emsella on Fridays.

The SW tx takes about 45 min, emsella is 30 minutes.

Softwave treatments are scheduled for Fridays

No – the treatment is designed to be pain free – if you experience discomfort or pain, please alert your provider immediately so we can adjust the energy output.

The treatment room will include your provider (Marcie) and the providers assistant (Marla or another MA) There will always be two people present during treatment to ensure the highest levels of safety and care

Absolutely – with your consent, we are happy to answer any questions. If you are more comfortable with your partner present, we are happy to accommodate. 

Please note that children are not allowed in the treatment room. We recommend finding child care. Well behaved children are welcome in our treatment lounge.

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