Meet Our Wellness Experts

Our team of Doctors brings unique specialties, allowing Upward to provide comprehensive care. Our specialties include: Gynecology; Bariatrics; Nutrition and Wellness; Energy; Functional Medicine, and Chiropractic care. We have the collective talent to help you feel and look good again


Dr. Brad Gilman, MD

Dr. Brad Gilman specializes in regenerative medicine, a field that focuses on personalized health in aging and wellness, helping reverse some negative aspects of age. His experience in saving lives changed dramatically because his focus on preventative medicine saved more patients’ lives. His work significantly enhanced the quality of life compared to the usual path of treating bad health that has deteriorated into acute illness.

Dr. Gilman is a local physician. He grew up in Boise, graduating from Borah High School. He first went to Boise State University, then on to Brigham Young University. Dr. Gilman graduated from Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He completed an internship in Emergency Medicine and a residency in Family Medicine at the University of Irvine.

Dr. Gilman chose to serve for two years with the National Health Service Corps in Arizona before moving back to Idaho. He ran the Cascade Medical Center while starting the Tamarack Medical Clinic in the beautiful lake country of the west-central part of the State. As an avid mountain biker, he, and his wife Krystal, raised their three children riding the mountain trails around Idaho, Utah, and Canada.

Dr. Gilman became more focused on preventative medicine, promoting wellness, and using scientific advances from many branches of medicine. He continually adds to his education, learning the most advanced sciences in medicine and brings them back to his practice. Dr. Gilman completed a Fellowship of Preventative Medicine at the Cenegenics Medical Institute in Las Vegas. He started changing lives at Idaho Weight Loss & Wellness in Twin Falls by putting into practice the benefits of custom, individualized care: stressing nutrition, supplements, medications, and exercise to transform the health of his patients and achieve a better quality of life.

He is a musician, a loving father and husband, an outdoorsman, and a concertgoer. He believes science and wellness can transform lives to do more things that are loved and desired.

Dr. Gilman co-founded Upward Regenerative Medicine to bring newly developed medical advances and truly regenerative devices to his patients, as well as noninvasive procedures. He utilizes regenerative therapies in concert with nutritional recommendations, exercise, hormone optimization, standard and natural medications, supplements, and other lifestyle changes.


Dr. Roy Strickland, DC

Roy Strickland grew up in a military family and spent his childhood traveling around the United States and Japan. After graduating from BYU-Idaho, he attended the University of Western States and completed his Chiropractic training in December of 1999. After falling in love with the Idaho lifestyle, he moved his family to the Treasure Valley in 1999 and shortly thereafter opened Better Life Chiropractic.

Biomechanics, exercise, nutrition, and high-tech energy-based interventions have been an emphasis of his continuing education. He especially enjoys working with patients who want to optimize their health and participate in their own improvement. “When patients stay involved and are looking forward to getting good results,” he says, “we get them – and we celebrate them together.”

Dr. Strickland is raising four boys. “We have a ‘work-hard, play-hard’ philosophy,” he says. Some of their favorite activities are snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, river sports, and water sports. “If I’m not working, I want to have a good time with my kids.”

As a co-founder of Upward Regenerative Medicine, he shares an enthusiasm for helping optimize patients’ health and feeling of well-being through regenerative technologies. “It’s always made sense to me,” he says, “to optimize health as naturally and as least invasively as possible.”

Krystal Gilman - CFO


Krystal's love for people and dedication to our employees helps to promote a fun and caring culture that is felt by all of our patients and team. As CFO for both Upward Regenerative Medicine and Idaho Weight Loss and Wellness, and wife to Dr. Gilman, Krystal is a CPA with a master’s degree in Accounting and our behind-the-scenes superstar.

Laura - Phlebotomist


Being able to deliver long term results and find solutions to improve quality of life, while being a partner in the journey is the reason Laura fell in love with regenerative medicine. From start to finish, Laura is both an advocate and a dedicated provider.

Marcie - Provider

Untitled-4491 (1)

With over 20 years of medical experience in occupational therapy, Marcie's passion for regenerative therapies and modern modalities is a perfect pairing to Upward's Inside and Out approach.

Genevive - Lead Injector, RN


Genevive is joining the team at Upward as our lead injector. With a BS in Nursing, Geneveve has been working in top Medspas in California. We are excited to welcome her to Idaho, as well as the clinic. Specializing in natural appearances, Geneveve has a talent for creating customized treatment plans for men and women of all ages to achieve their goals, maintain a healthy and natural appearance while aging gracefully. Her background and passion for functional medicine makes her a wealth of knowledge as well as the perfect fit for Upward.

Cari - Phlebotomist / MA 


Cari's dedication to quality care is evident from the first touch. From questions about appointments to pain free blood draws and injections, Cari is both an amazing resource of information and a dedicated medical assistant.

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