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Through our Modern Weight Management program, we help you lose weight and retrain your body to maintain the new healthier weight. We specialize in weight loss AND weight maintenance. 

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The Modern Weight Management program will help you:

  • Improve your body composition. Think: fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Reduce toxic visceral fat
  • Reverse fatty liver disease
  • Reduce insulin resistance
  • Help you learn that "eating to live" (instead of "living to eat")
  • Improve appearance

Additionally, our program prepares your body to maintain a healthy weight by helping to:

  • Prevent disease
  • Increase your living energy
  • Improve health-span
  • Reduce exposure to environmental toxicities
  • Restore lost muscle and fitness
  • Improve intimate wellness, male and female
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Restore microbiome for healthy gut function
  • Reduce the impact of stress and cortisol impact on the body
  • Optimize the body’s hormone systems through lifestyle change, vitamins and supplements, exercise, and hormone replacement

Fundamentally, our goal is to restore normal metabolism. Obesity wasn’t part of nature’s plan for human beings. We address this through the restoration of normal metabolic pathways. The disease of obesity and overweight requires careful evaluation of each individual patient. The combination of factors involved in your disease process must be uncovered and addressed to be successful.

We teach lifestyle change, not dieting. In this way, our weight loss program is always focused on maintaining lost weight. We work with you to eat according to body type, including foods you already eat, and foods that you enjoy. We help you increase your activity and add exercise acceptable to you.

We are delighted that you have come here seeking information about our medical guidance. Our knowledgeable team uses the latest science, in a variety of areas, which will help your body to heal.

Did you know that Obesity and Overweight are diseases? Seeking medical guidance for any other disease is common. However, because obesity is seen more as a character flaw than something that needs medical treatment, people are less likely to know that medical help is available and necessary. Understanding how to control and maintain these diseases are key to the healthy changes you need to live a longer, fuller, happier life.

Our medical clinic is different! We are medical doctors who holistically study the body’s metabolism, its response to stress, hormones, nutrition, thyroid function, and other vital aspects of the diseases of Obesity and Overweight. Through examination and testing, we discover your body’s unique make-up. Then we create a custom plan to help your body begin to function more as it should.

The Workup Process will include:

  • uw1

    Thorough history and physical exam

  • uw2

    Detailed body composition including evaluation of visceral fat; total and distributed body fat; total and distributed muscle mass; hydration status

  • uw3

    Laboratory testing. The specific laboratory workup differs from patient to patient, based on individual findings on H&P. Potential lab testing may involve blood, urine, stool, breath, and saliva testing and may include:

    • Metabolic panel to evaluate liver, kidney function, and electrolytes
    • Complete blood count
    • Hormone testing; testosterone free/total, estrogen, progesterone, HCG, growth hormone, DHEA, insulin, cortisol, and many others
    • Vitamin testing
  • uw4

    Electrocardiogram, and other testing when necessary

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Following this detailed work-up we collaborate with you to provide:

  • Medication and supplement regimen designed to overcome the specific metabolic concerns discovered through the workup. This may include hormone replacement, prebiotics, and probiotics, vitamins and supplements, medications, as well as lifestyle recommendations like meditation and exercise plans.
  • Specific dietary recommendations and guidance.
  • Activity and exercise guidance.
  • Specific, individualized maintenance program for sustaining these improvements for the long term. During the maintenance process, we will help you train your body to recognize your new weight as your healthy, long-term weight.
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We utilize the most advanced tool available to uncover the health challenges you can't always see. From hormones to food sensitivities, these tests are valuable for obtaining optimal wellness. Information is power, and we're returning that power to your hands. View our test options

Now offering Semaglutide

Semaglutide has been shown to be very effective in helping people to lose weight and maintain that loss long term. Semaglutide is a prescription only medication.

Is semaglutide right for you? Schedule a consultation with the doctor today

  • We use EmSculpt Neo™ primarily for abdominal muscles and glutes but also for arms and legs. When this device is used to strengthen the abdominal muscles, it significantly improves appearance by reducing subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. MRI studies reveal gains in the abdominal and gluteal musculature as the machine causes supramaximal contractions. These contractions are much stronger than those generated during the most strenuous exercise. These changes in tone change your appearance by flattening the stomach and growing and lifting the buttocks. In other words, this slims your waist and helps fix the assalanche, which happens as we age.
  • Functionally, the EmSculpt Neo™ can be used in conjunction with Emsella™ for what we call a “Core to Floor” package to strengthen the upper and lower core. A stronger core prevents injuries by improving core muscle strength and tone. EmSculpt Neo™ is cutting-edge technology that helps you look, feel, and function better!

Frequently Asked Questions

Upward Regen is a self-pay practice, meaning the patient pays directly at the time of service rather than the provider billing an insurance company. A superbill will be provided upon request, which patients may submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. We make no guarantee of reimbursement, as insurance benefits are between the patient and the insurance company.

Not billing insurance allows us to treat patients in a manner that benefits the patient in the best way possible, without any restrictions from insurance companies. In other words, we believe insurance companies should not be allowed to practice medicine!

You can expect an investment in yourself and your health in order to help you live a better life! Each new patient receives a full history and physical exam and a body composition showing the distribution of muscle, fat, and water weight throughout your body. In addition, we ask all new patients to attend our New Patient Class, which educates you about the treatment of obesity and overweight as diseases. Patients describe the new patient class as informative, light-hearted, and validating of the struggles many of us face. Our new patient appointments last approximately three hours as we educate and take a deep dive into creating a custom plan for you. Get ready to be welcomed by our caring staff and to learn your next steps in how to invest in your health.

We refer to our program as “Modern Weight Management” and are committed to staying with you for your whole journey. At first, we will see you more often, typically monthly. Once you reach your goal, we are here to support you in the maintenance phase, which means your visits are less frequent.

Labs help us uncover underlying health issues and give us information to make a plan specific to each patient’s needs. We require all labs to be drawn at our office to ensure we get the information we need and to help our patients save on what can otherwise be very costly. We do not bill insurance for labs but offer labs at reasonable prices, typically less than what patients with insurance pay.

We accept cash, checks, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, RepeatMD payment subscription, and Care Credit. Payment is due at the time of service. 

Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. We will send text reminders of your appointment time three days before. If you need to change your appointment, we kindly ask that you notify us by 3 pm the day prior to your appointment to avoid a no-show fee of $50.00. Please do your best to keep your appointments as this helps you stay on track to achieve maximal results and helps us operate efficiently to provide the best care to all.

Weight loss doctor visit:

  • New patient – $500
  • Follow up basic – $110
  • Follow up extended – $150

Depending on your situation, costs may include labs, medications, or supplements. We make recommendations specific to the patient’s needs each visit.

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