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Skin Tag removal is quick and painless

In office procedure - less than 15 minutes

CryoSurgery is safe, easy and effective

What to expect after treatment: redness may appear in the treated area 45 minutes after treatment, puffiness or a blister may form in a day or two (this is a sign of an effective freeze) The lesion forms a crust over the next few days and will slough off in 7-14 days. 

Complete removal may require more than 1 treatment

  • Within a few hours to a few days after treatment the area may blister, turn black or form a crust. This is a desirable result
  • Most patients experience little or no pain from this treatment
  • Take aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen if you experience any pain
  • Keep the area dry, but you may shower
  • Protect the treated area from injury
  • No bandage necessary
  • The scab will fall off as the treated area heals
  • Do not pull or irritate the scab, allow it to fall off naturally
  • It can take several days to weeks for the scab to fall off depending on the location of the treated area, size of the lesion, type of lesion and your body's healing ability do not bandage, irritate or apply any medications to the treatment site after the scab falls off the underlying skin may be red, sensitive to temperature and touch and may possible itch as it heals normal skin color will return
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