What sets GAINSWave apart from generic shockwave therapy?

There’s a reason that Nike sneakers come at a higher investment than trainers available for purchase at Walmart or Payless. The difference – quality, expertise and experience 

It’s true. 

Anyone with a medical license is able to make a $40,000 investment to purchase an in-clinic shockwave device. In fact, multiple fly-by-night companies have done exactly this; offering misinformed patients shockwave therapy for ED treatments at a fraction of the cost of GAINSWave. But unlike all GAINSWave providers who are trained and certified in administering treatment, most generic shockwave therapy providers have not been properly trained on how to safely and effectively administer treatment.  

Physicians, or those even posing as physicians, have provided a great disservice to unsuspecting victims; even leaving one patient with a dime-sized hole in his penis... 

Shockwave therapy has been employed in the medical field since the 1980s - used to treat everything from breaking up kidney stones to addressing conditions like joint pain, bursitis, and tendinitis. More recently, physicians and scientists have had encouraging results using this kind of therapy to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Since shockwave therapy - popularized by GAINSWave - became popular in the U.S. several years ago, a number of other “wave” technologies have been introduced, purporting to help men suffering from ED. More recently, some of these devices are even sold direct to consumers - some can even be found on Amazon! However, the majority of these devices and practitioners are not backed by medical evidence and research, and, because of inferior technological capacities, their effectiveness is highly questionable. 


Clinics around the country are purporting the effectiveness of several “wave” technologies to treat ED - calling their solutions everything from Acoustic Wave to Sound Wave to Swiss Wave. It is important to note, however, that many of these clinics are using equipment that is not backed by medical evidence and research and are not capable of offering quantifiable, demonstrable results.  GAINSWave is a training, marketing, and education-based concept. They do not sell devices and there’s no such thing as a “GAINSWave device.”  As the popularity and prevalence of GAINSWave have flourished, many clinics are combining underpowered devices and under-educated practitioners. As a result, protocols and results at clinics offering Shockwave Therapy name can vary dramatically.

GAINSWave’s goal is to provide men with a safe solution to ED and sexual optimization. GAINSWave has cultivated and trained a community of licensed physicians across the nation and has established protocols to ensure that every GAINSWave treatment is not only effective, but safe.  

GAINSWave’s priority is to ensure that all patients seeking Shockwave Therapy solutions are supervised by medically trained physicians to prevent injury and generate results. That’s why GAINSWave has invested in the top physicians to launch the largest clinical study on Shockwave Therapy, which will continue to provide them with the data needed to continuously ensure the safety and benefits of the treatment. 

We’ve all heard stories about patients who have decided to risk their health, and ultimately their lives, by receiving various treatments by “medical experts” to save a few dollars.  

Ultimately, the cost was far greater for them and their families than expected.    

So, the ultimate question is, are you willing to place your manhood in the hands of a professional or are you satisfied with the average Joe? 

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