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Are you frustrated with those run-of-the-mill diets that never consider your body type? Most people are, which is why you’re probably looking for something more personalized. If so, then the modern weight management program offered by Upward Regenerative Medicine in Meridian, ID, could be the solution you’re looking for.

Ending the Never-Ending Dieting Cycle

At Upward Regenerative Medicine in Meridian, ID, we adopt a holistic approach to helping patients take control of their weight. We eschew the outdated fad diets of the past for a personalized modern weight management program that focuses on helping you attain and maintain your natural, healthy weight.

Our personalized modern weight management program introduces newer, healthier habits with a balance of exercise and support. For us, it’s never about dieting. It’s about giving you the tools and support you need to finally put an end to Yo-Yo dieting. So, how can our modern weight management solution help?

A Dedicated Healthcare Provider

The healthcare providers at Upward Regenerative Medicine are like personal coaches. They bring with them a wealth of experience along with the most advanced tools and equipment. They’ll help you develop new behaviors, establish goals, and help you make healthier decisions while providing a roadmap you can easily follow.

The Best Tools and Equipment

Our ability to provide a personalized solution isn’t simply about having a custom diet plan. It comes from having the best tools and equipment. 

Solutions like our InBody Scan allow us to define your current fat content, muscle mass, and the amount of water you’re retaining. This simple test provides instant results, so you know how you’re succeeding in your weight loss journey.

Next up is our Styku 3D Body Scan, an ingenious piece of equipment that tracks your current progress while using advanced algorithms and analytics to predict when you’ll attain your healthy weight. 

Additionally, our FDA-cleared EMTONE treatments can help firm your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

A Balanced Approach

Patients at Upward Regenerative Medicine value our thoughtful and comprehensive approach to weight management. Our program encourages developing a balanced diet alongside exercise while prioritizing your well-being and comfort. 

Book Your Modern Weight Management Consultation Today

At Upward Regenerative Medicine in Meridian, ID, we’ll take you through every step of our weight management program, answering all your questions and demonstrating how we can help.

If you’ve decided to finally put an end to harmful dieting and are ready for a healthier lifestyle, contact us now at (208) 563-3595.

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