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There are various factors that can contribute to sexual issues, including blood flow, hormone imbalances, and obesity. Men and women can experience decreased libido, sexual performance, and confidence in the bedroom. At Upward Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in addressing a range of concerns related to sexual wellness. Our treatments are designed to target issues that can affect libido and sexual function in both men and women. Here’s what you need to know about the potential causes of sexual dysfunction and where to seek treatment.

What Are the Causes of Sexual Dysfunction?

Blood Flow

Various factors can contribute to decreased blood flow, such as clogged arteries, pelvic trauma, or high blood pressure. We offer SoftWave therapy to enhance sexual wellness by promoting the growth of new blood vessels and supporting structures in the genital region, addressing issues related to poor blood flow.

Decreased blood flow can be caused by clogged arteries, pelvic trauma, or high blood pressure. If the blood flow in your genital region is poor, we can use SoftWave therapy to grow new blood vessels and supporting structures to increase sexual wellness.

Hormone Imbalance

Many factors can cause hormone imbalance, including puberty, pregnancy, menopause, stress, steroid use, and certain medications. We can help you restore hormone balance through lifestyle changes with hormone replacement therapy.

Loss of Muscle Strength in Your Pelvic Floor

If you lose some of the muscle strength in your pelvic floor, we can use electromagnetic technology to improve muscle tone or regrow the muscles that help with blood flow and can improve intimate function.

Excess Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat can increase estrogen and decrease testosterone. Upward Regenerative Medicine can work with you to create a weight loss program that targets abdominal fat. We may use lifestyle changes, medication, and supplements to help you with abdominal weight loss.

Atrophy and Degeneration

Over time, intimate tissue can degenerate or atrophy. We use the Urogold machine, which uses shockwave technology to regrow intimate tissue.

Safe and Effective Treatments

Our sexual wellness treatments are both safe and effective, covering a range of concerns, such as erectile dysfunction, intimate wellness, and urinary incontinence, that can help you regain confidence and improve your intimate life.

Where to Find Sexual Wellness Treatments in Meridian, ID

Upward Regenerative Medicine serves Meridian and the surrounding areas in Idaho. To find out more about sexual wellness, speak with one of our providers today. To schedule a consultation, please call (208) 563-3595.

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